Welcome to Ricky Ray’s website.   The intent of this
site is to inform you about Ricky Ray’s Music for
Food Project.

The Music For Food Program

About a year ago Ricky Ray had an interest
in trying to convert some of his time and
energy being put to guitar playing into
something beneficial to others.  As he has
gotten more involved in learning the
guitar, he has gained an appreciation


CD - Soul Food
for how music is a universal language that can bond and
connect folks in a way that other communication can’t. 
As folks expressed pleasure in the yearly CD’s, he saw
an opportunity.

The Music For Food Program is intended to help use

tunes, and the pleasure we get from listening to music, to generate interest and support to assist others. A strongly held belief  is that if our society does not care for its members, it will not hold together overtime.  Maintaining our connection, commitment to those around us, that we are not separate, but together in sharing this life time and the wonders of our world, is a strongly held value. The Dali Lama talks about the critical role of compassion in our world and its relationship to healing and individual and societal growth. 

Ricky Ray’s hope is to encourage folks to establish or deepen a relationship with local organizations that are serving community members that are in need. There are service organizations in each of our communities that, on a daily basis, are the safety net for so many families and individuals in need.  The caring, compassion, and commitment that so many professionals and volunteers  provide to folks in need every day is incredible.  These community organizations are faced with trying to support program participants, often with very few support systems. 

Individuals show up at a food bank or homeless shelter with mental health problems, health care issues, and increasingly, with the reality of not having a stable place to sleep.  He recently heard that in our county, in Southwest WA, there are over 650 children in schools that are homeless.  Think about the implications of a child’s potential for learning if she does not have a stable home or if he is not properly nourished. 

Food banks estimate that $8 can feed a family of 4 for 3 days.  These organizations work closely with the food network, from farmers to grocers, to try to ensure a supply of food to assist families in need. Their support is so important.
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