Background on Ricky Ray

Ricky Ray started playing guitar
seriously the last 5 years or so.  He
had a guitar since college, but did
not play in a consistent manner. 

Through the last few years, he
found himself increasingly
spending time with a guitar in his
hands.   If a day went by without
playing, the day did not seem
After a year or so of playing, he started to produce a yearly CD, using an inexpensive home recording system, and producing CD’s; enough for friends and family at the holiday time.  He recorded guitar pieces, both acoustic and electric, that he was working on. 

The blues is what pulled him the most, but he also experiments other generas. He does this for fun, to track progress, and by producing the CDs, it pushes him to improve each year.  Last year, folks starting asking to share the CD’s with others.  Maybe the time was right to introduce the Music for Food Program.


CD - Soul Food
Whether it was the joy of building his musical skills, the relaxation of having time alone, the easing of stress from middle aged realities, or the decompression of challenges from work, playing the guitar became a place to go.  A safe place, relaxing, often challenging, but a place with no judgment, pressure or high expectations. 
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