The Opportunity - Soul Food CD 2006

If you are interested in purchasing the
Ricky Ray Soul Food 2006 CD for yourself
or as gifts to others, for each CD
purchased, he is asking you to make a
financial contribution to a local food
bank or homeless shelter in your
community (minimum between $5-8
per CD) and send him a check in the
amount of $4 to cover the cost of
production and postage for each

If a financial contribution to a food bank or shelter is
not possible at this time, a commitment of volunteer
assistance would be of equal value.
He is not a professional musician or producer, and does not want to be.  This is a pursuit from his heart.  To place an order, email Ricky at and inform him of the number CDs you wish to purchase. 

And, if you are not interested in sharing the CDs, it's even better to make a contribution to service organizations in your community and create music from your heart to others. Thanks for the read, interest and being you. His hope is that every day, from us all, we deepen our compassion for others and our acceptance of ourselves. 
A couple of original tunes from the 2006 CD are available for your listening pleasure, and to get a sense of the music.  Click on the play buttons at the right.
Boogie in E
Random Thoughts


CD - Soul Food
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